Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 83 (12/14/14) Contraband

Up early today for inspection. I pass every week with flying colors, but this week I get busted for too many emails. I have kept every email I have received since I’ve been in here (178 to be exact). The rule is you can have no more than 20. In the last 12 weeks it has never been an issue, until today. So, I asked the deputy if I can just release them to my Husband, fill out an outgoing property slip and have him pick them up ? I need him to anyhow before I get transferred. She told me “no”. She said that they don’t release property anymore. That didn’t make sense to me, but I wasn’t going to argue. I still passed inspection and she was nice enough to let me go through the ones I wanted to keep, but had to throw the rest away. I was thankful for that because she could have just confiscated it all and tossed it all out. It was a little irritating and frustrating because really they are concerned about too many emails ? What about the drugs being smuggled in here ? The pills being hoarded, the medications being sold. The food being smuggled in from the chow hall. One lady brought back in 8 apples and 6 bags of carrots. She sold half of them. How about the newspaper hoarding ? The contraband and all the extras these women have and hide ? Isn’t that what inspection should be about ? Why in the world would they tell you when the inspection is going to be ? I don’t understand. What’s the point ? It seems like a waste of time. You’re giving the inmates time to hide their extras, food, meds, and contraband. They also call it a hygiene inspection. Basically to insure your cell is clean and you’re not hoarding. Yet, we have an old lady than has been here longer than I have (I have been in this housing unit for 5 weeks). She never leaves her cell, never showers, never exchanges laundry, never cleans, just sits or sleeps on her bed. She comes out for dinner and sometimes for lunch. Everyone avoids her like the plague, yet the deputies don’t do anything about it. She’s failed inspection the past two weeks and they just lock her down. She needs to be moved out of this unit. She’s taking a bed up than could be used for someone who actually wants to program and participate. The inconsistency of the deputies and the rules here, drive me crazy ! I’m hoping today is my last inspection. 

Had a visit this afternoon with my beautiful Daughter and my Dad. My Dad is visiting all the way from Florida for the holidays. t was good to see them both. The visit brightened my day, especially since the Chargers didn’t win today !  Another day down.   

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