Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 71 (12/2/14) This has been building up

My roommate flipped out last night and got herself in lockdown and it’s a real pain in the ass for me. Last night we had commissary delivery. My roommate’s Mom had ordered her a Mexican pack (you go online and order gift packs). They are usually delivered the next day, well her Mom ordered it on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Commissary was closed for 4 days because of the long holiday weekend, so no deliveries. She was upset about it, so what can you do ? She was expecting it on Monday, but it didn’t show up, When the commissary guy came back to drop something off,  she approached him about it. I could hear her getting loud and hostile. She cursed at him and then stormed off. Then she turned around and yelled loudly to the deputy “Fuck you bitch” ! Then proceeded to flip her off and then stormed into her cell (my cell too), and shut the door. She was in lockdown the rest of the night. It was not a smart move and now I’m locked out of my cell the rest of the evening. Before lockdown, she gets her write up and has to wait for the Sergeant to come and talk to her and give her her punishment. Of course at 10pm, when we have lockdown, I have to hear all about it. But, the thing is, this is jail. You can’t act like that, because it gets you nowhere. She wanted to be an inmate worker, but a write up is an automatic 30 day waiting period before you can re-apply and the write up can prevent you from being selected. The Sergeant showed up at 2:20am to talk to her. Her punishment, 1 day lockdown and 2 weeks no contact visits. She was mad, but she did it to herself. This has been building for weeks. I have talked her off the ledge numerous times, but she finally snapped. She is lucky, because she could have easily been sent to housing F for what she pulled and if she does it again, she will be sent there. She has 11 months to go, she needs to calm herself. I was not stuck in lockdown, but had to wait for the deputy to let me out separately. I couldn’t go back in once I was out. So, that was a pain in the ass. It was really irritating all day long, because I didn’t do anything, but get stuck with a “hot headed nutcase” for a roommate. She knew I was annoyed and kept apologizing and promising to never do it again. I told her it was fine, but if she did it again, I was kicking her out. I hope she learned her lesson ! Things can really get to you in here. They do build up and you want to explode. If you have no access to any kind of way to blow off steam or just don't want to, it will eventually happen. 

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