Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 69 (11/30/14) "Gay while you Stay"

It’s Sunday and the end of another month. Got a lot of exercise in this morning to make up for the lack of exercise Saturday. Got to watch the Chargers pull out a 4th Qtr win in the last minutes of the game. I enjoyed the sun during patio time for an hour, talked to my family this evening, and watched a movie. Today was a good day. Went by fast and another month down ! 
It was a pretty quiet day. Everyone was busy talking and speculating on the bust in housing C. Everyone was trying to figure out how many got busted and who got rolled out. We didn’t realize that someone in our own housing got rolled out. Two girls got written up, separated, and one day lockdown for “homosexing”. That was what was put on the write up. I always thought their relationship was strange. They were inseparable. They really never came out of their cells much. Only for lunch, dinner, and in the evenings. I never saw them without the other. But, I never thought much of it, because, one of the girls was married, has 13 year old twin boys, and a two year old daughter. During the night checks (the deputies do walk through's every hour of all the cells), the deputy caught them twice in the same bed. I don’t know the exact details, but of course the rumors and various stories are they were just laying in bed together, just rubbing their backs, to the extreme of they got caught having sex. Who knows what exactly happened in their cell. But, something went down, because they moved one to C housing unit, got a write up and one day lockdown. The girl that is still in our housing unit says it was no big deal and nothing happened. She keeps joking about her write up for “homosexing”. They are pretty strict and always watching, so it’s hard to really be having sex in this place, but I’m sure they try. It can get very lonely in here. People look for any type of "companionship". For some of the women that never have visits and not much contact, it has to be rough. It's rough for me and I am fortunate it enough to have the contact with my Husband. I miss him constantly. So, I guess I can understand some of the things that go on in here, well sort of.  This was the first time I had ever heard the phrase "Gay while you Stay". Yes, it does happen. Another day of prison education. 

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