Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 19 (10/11/14) Happy Birthday Son

Happy Birthday Son ! Today my baby lion cub turns 12 years old. I am trying to be strong today, because it’s so hard to be away from him on his birthday. It makes me so sad. But, at least he got the birthday card I made him in the mail last night and he loved it. I am looking forward to my visit with him tonight at 7pm. I can’t wait. 
Slept in until 8am. No inspection today because we are in lockdown again. I’m not sure if it’s a facility lockdown or just our deputy. This deputy is known to keep us on lockdown for the majority of the day. It amazes me that each deputy is different in their actions. Each deputy has the “power” to keep us in our cells for as long as they want. No structure or schedule. I hope the lockdown ends, I don’t want to miss my visit with my Husband and Son. I am just going to focus on getting through the day and see what happens. That way I won’t get upset and anxious. 
My wonderful cellmate is up and complaining she could hear me writing and that I woke her up ! Really !? I have been up for over an hour while she slept. I got cleaned up, cleaned the cell, did my exercises, all while she slept. I am one of the quietest and most respectful people in this unit ! She needs to calm down. I really just want to go home ! 
For someone who complains that my writing was disturbing her, she now is talking loudly about her case and wants me to listen. You just got an amazing deal, shut up and drop it ! She is going on and on about denying her deal and getting the charges dropped all together and suing Food-4-Less in civil court. She is going to be rolling in the money ! So she claims. She is delusional. But, I just ignore her and let her ramble on. There’s no helping this one. 
Lockdown came to end this afternoon, so we got out for an hour before dinner. Something is better than nothing, so I’m not complaining. Now, I am guaranteed my visit tonight ! Well, better not say guaranteed ! 
Mama J asked me to see if my bunkmate would switch cells with her, so we can be roommates again. I tried, but this one does not want to leave. Too bad, because I would love the switch. 
I hounded the deputy about my visit tonight. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late. It worked ! Right on time at 7 ! I got to see my boys ! The visit was awesome ! I am so glad I got to see my baby on his birthday ! Sounds like he had an amazing day with all the family. That makes me so happy he had a great day. 
My Saturday was complete. I had the perfect date night with my boys. I love my Husband and Son so much. Now I am counting down until Wednesday when I get a visit from my Daughter. The best 60 minutes of my week are my 2 visits. 
Got lots of mail tonight. I am reading all my mail before bed tonight. I love all the mail I get. It makes me feel closer to my family. It reminds me I have hope and something to come home to. I received emails from my incredible Sisters and my amazing Husband. I can go to sleep with a huge smile and a happy heart. 

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