Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Day 29, Part 2 (10/29/14) Not on my watch !

I got my new roommate last night. She moved into my old bed in cell 27 when her current roommate got a 2 day lockdown. But, I guess she couldn’t get along with my old bunkmate. So, the deputy moved her in with me, actually right next door to cell 27. She’s been here a while and seems alright. She sleeps most of the day, so that’s alright by me. She told me her release date is November 24th. She has one last month to go. She’s been in this housing unit for 5 months. I can’t imagine, 5 months of lockdown hell ! I asked her why she was stuck in this housing unit. She said she had lots of write ups. (remember, this housing is a behavioral housing unit. I am here strictly because of overflow). She’s had 50 write ups, mostly for fighting. She’s been in and out of jail since she was 18 years old. She’s 23 now and this has been her longest stay. I’ll have to keep my eye on this one. 
Another new deputy again. She splits the time out. At least we’ll get the afternoon, so I can see the sun today and don’t have a straight 10 hour lockdown. Think about that. I am grateful to see the sun. I will never again take for granted these types of things. So simple, but when it's taken away, devestating. I have made it a month here, but I’m still not use to all the lockdown, don’t think I’ll ever be. 

We had the first evening shift, so I immediately called my family. Had a nice conversation. After my phone call, I head upstairs to get my pencils and I realize that all of our toilet paper is gone. So, I am pissed that someone came into our cell and stole it. Toilet around here is like gold, very valuable. You get one roll a day and have to turn in your empty roll to get a new roll. You can only get toilet paper during the day room time. So, if you run out, you’re screwed. Some of the deputies refuse to give it to you. Because they just don’t care. There was one night, two girls were out and they begged the deputy for a roll and she told them “no”. Then, her cellmate was on the toilet and she begged again. The deputy refused and I guess her cellmate had to do what she had to do, she used her sock. Of course that got stuck in the toilet and maintenance had to come out the next day. All over a roll of toilet paper. I was able to convince our deputy to give us a new roll, even though she did not want to. She could see there was no TP in our cell at all. So she did. Once I see my new roommate, I tell her how someone stole our TP, she proceeds to tell me she let someone borrow it because they had none. They told her they’d put the roll in front of our door when done. I am thinking to myself, are you kidding me ? Either you are lying or an idiot ! After talking to some of my “aquaintenances”, they laughed and said “bullshit, she sold your toilet paper ! “ I was not very happy. She just moved in, this is not a good first impression. I guess I need to realize where I am. I just don’t have that type of thinking. Hope I never do. In the meantime, I got the extra roll and hid it. This way she can’t sell it. I don’t have a problem kicking her ass to the curb ! There will be no selling toilet paper on my watch ! 

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