Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving .... almost. A post from Husband.

We knew this would be a tough one. Thanksgiving. I do love Thanksgiving though. Supposed to really let you know that winter is coming and Christmas craziness is about to really get going. As a family, we would run about to Family houses. Maybe a dinner here and run over there for dessert. Usually the dessert stop would be where my Wife and her Sister would make their strategic Black Friday attack plan. Spread out all the ads on the table and decide which stores to brave and at what time. Always very entertaining to watch. My Daughter joined that tradition a couple of years ago.
Now, my Sister in law and my Daughter keep the tradition going. Waiting for my Wife's return. The best part of their trip was once they returned, you got to hear the crazy stories. All hyped up from the battle and full of Starbucks coffee. So entertaining.
We were happy that Thanksgiving was on a day that she is available for visits. We (the kids and I) decided we would skip our Monday visit and use it for Thanksgiving. I had even asked the deputy last time we were there if they had visits on holidays and she said "If she has a visit normally on that day, then yes, of course. We never close". Well, I guess they changed their mind. Our visit was denied. Got up extra early Wednesday morning to schedule online. Kept getting the dreaded message.

I was starting to panic. Almost in tears. I needed to call to find out what was happening. But, can't call until 10am. I made it to 10am and called. Of all days, I get someone that does not want to help me or even want to be there. Ugh ! She finally told me that my Wife was not getting any visitors on Thanksgiving. I kept asking her why. She stumbled through whatever she was trying to make up. Lost cause. Bottom line, no visit. What the hell am I going to tell my kids ?  What am I going to tell my Wife ? 
I feel like I failed. I feel that way a lot. I told the kids. We were all sad, but we made it. My Wife ended up calling and I let her know. She figured there would be no visit. They were on facility lockdown last night. No problems, no nothing. Just understaffed. Scheduled deputies took the time off. I understand, it's Thanksgiving. Time for family. Time to share, time for traditions. God forbid the Mom's that are locked up in her housing see their families. Just another day at Las Colinas. Thanksgiving...almost. 


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