Thursday, November 13, 2014

Day 25 (10/17/14) A better way...

We have a new deputy this morning and she splits the time. Hour and a half in the morning and the afternoon. Happy Friday ! Hope today is a good day. Morning was fine. Our deputy is very strict, but I like it. She keeps everyone in line, The deputies that let stuff slide, allow the girls to run loose and it’s chaotic. With this deputy, you can actually here the tv because everyone is behaving. 
Of course after lunch. one of the three cleaning spray bottles is missing. So, until it shows up, we won’t get any dayroom time this afternoon. Re-reading what I’ve been writing, sure does sound like junior high, almost elementary school. Anyway, that bottle better show up. I know it’s downstairs. Because, all three were there when the top tier went in. There is definitely cause for concern, because I guess they caught someone drinking the cleaning stuff ! What the heck is wrong with people ?! Well, obviously there was a mental issue there. But, I really wish these women would just follow the rules here. I am surrounded by women that just don’t care about anyone or themselves. No respect at all. That damn bottle better show up ! They have cameras here. It should show up on video. It’s upsetting to be lumped and generalized all together. We are all not the same. We all didn’t commit the same crime. Everyone has different circumstances and none of that is taken in to consideration There are those of us who will not become repeat offenders. There are those of us who do care and want to get back to our families. Just be a contributing member of society again.There are those who do have drug / alcohol problems or mental health issues that need help and treatment. The system pushes us through like cattle instead of looking at each individual and assessing them accordingly. Those of us who do care, want to accept our consequences and do what's right, should not be with those who are repeat offenders and do not want to change or get help. I have already seen and have had bunkmates that talk about how to manipulate the system. I have no doubt that those inmates will repeat and be back here. I believe in second chances, but for only those who really want it and will take advantage of it. The sentencing and punishment are the same. The system just generalizes all criminals together. Not looking at each individual and their circumstance. I’m not saying people should not be punished, but you can’t lump them all together and give them set sentences. The punishment should fit the crime and the person. Again, why put a tax payer in prison for a non-violent, first time offense ? You just cost the tax payers double. Loss of taxes being paid and having to pay for them to sit in prison ($62k / yr in CA). I am sure the money could be spent on improving schools, parks, streets. The prisons should be used for the violent crimes and repeat offenders. There needs to be more rehabilitation programs, work furlough, and work camps, etc for non-violent crimes. Punish them so they don’t commit the crime again. But don’t punish the tax payers and the families in the process. The District Attorney doesn’t care, they just want a conviction. When the sentence is given, the family is also serving the sentence. Again, they need to look at each circumstance before continuing to overcrowd the jails and prisons. It’s very traumatic for the families left behind. They are the ones that are ALWAYS overlooked. I think families should be taken into consideration too. When sentenced, a family is separated, children left without a parent, an income gone, financial hardship, a spouse left behind. It’s devastating. Yet again, putting the burden on the tax payers. The loss of income leads most families to public assistance. The cost to tax payers is alarming. As a tax payer, I want my taxes to go to the schools my kids attend, the streets I drive on, the libraries and parks I go to. Not housing more inmates and funding more welfare. Especially, when it can be prevented by other alternative punishments and programs. 

Spray battle was found ! We got our afternoon dayroom time ! This deputy is not to be messed with. You are crazy if you can think you can sneak something by her. We are not allowed to take any food, from any of our meals into our cells. At lunch today, one of the girls brought down her trash and emptied it and proceeded to fill up with everyone’s leftover lunch. Meat, cheese, bread fruit, milk, mayo, and cookies. The trash bag was completely full. She thinks she can take it all up like an empty trash bag. Well, today, the deputy came up and unlocked our doors individually after giving us one warning to not have food in our cells. The deputy caught her. She was busted. She got a huge write up. She had to move to the bottom tier. The sergeant came and talked to her and she is now on lockdown for a few days. She also lost her shot at becoming an inmate worker. Just not worth it at all. I am enjoying this deputy kicking ass and taking names, It’s nice, this housing unit needs a reality check and guess what ? She’s (deputy) back tomorrow ! 

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