Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 20 (10/12/14) Almost Normal..

Sunday morning inspection time. The deputy on duty today took 2 hours (8-10am) to do cell inspection. So no dayroom time, just 15 minutes outside while she inspected our cells and inputted the information into the computer. It was nice to be outside, it felt good to feel and breathe the fresh air. I don’t get much time outside. Here is a description of our “outside”: a slag of cement, surrounded by solid brick walls with a fence over the top for the air and sun to come through. There are no windows or openings to see through. The only outside you can see is if you look up and see the sky through the fence. There isn’t even room to walk. You’re stuck in your cell for 20-21 hours a day and then nowhere to go and walk when you do get out. My legs and butt are tired of sitting ! 
Almost afternoon time and I am looking forward to my call with my Sister. 
Had a great talk with my Sister. She didn’t get to talk much , I think I talked her face off. 
I got to watch part of the Charger game too. It was a nice afternoon. 
After dinner I played cards with my roommate. I kicked her ass at rummy ! We are getting along better now. She can still be very loud, obnoxious, and annoying, but I am managing it and keeping her in line. We have a good system going now, so I think we can make it the rest of the month. 

The evening was the best night ever ! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. We have a new deputy and at 6:45pm, I hear the sound of all the cell doors unlocking. Is this a dream ? Nope, it’s real ! We got 3 hours of dayroom time and we made it without one incident ! It was the best evening ! I got to call my family, I watched tv, I even had time to walk laps in the dayroom for a full 30 minutes ! I almost didn’t know what to do with myself ! We had so much time ! I hope this deputy is on shift in our housing unit all week ! 

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