Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 53 (11/14/14) "I guess we all thought we were smart"

It’s Friday, we got clean sweatshirts today. Been rather quiet for a change. There were a few squabbles over what we were going to watch on the Tv. You get 25+ women trying to agree on one tv show to watch, not everyone is going to be happy. Miss “housing unit monitor”, the one who likes to think she’s the deputy and scolds everyone about the rules, well she couldn't walk in line today or keep her mouth shut on the way to the chow hall. On the way back from lunch, she was messing around so much, she pretended to fall and was laying on the ground. Really, it was so immature and unnecessary. I was so annoyed. These women are very childish and they totally bug me. I can’t wait to get away from this madness. 
One of the biggest rules here is to not communicate with the other inmates in the other housing units. Well, on the way back from dinner, two women actually stop in front of Housing Unit E and try and talk to the girls sitting at the window. The rest of us were already in our unit. I couldn’t believe it, just because there isn’t a deputy standing there, there are cameras watching and guess what ? They called our deputy and reported them. It’s like the time we were outside and the deputy could not see outside, but there’s a camera. They are always listening and watching. My old roommate has a hot flash and takes off her sweatshirt and is walking around in her sports bra. Well, that is not allowed. The next thing she knows, the deputy comes through the door as my ex-roommate tries to throw her sweatshirt back on fast. The deputy says “You’re killing me”. The deputy had gotten a call about one of her girls walking around in her bra. She was spotted on camera. Instant write up. The deputies hate to get phone calls. These women are so dumb. You’re in jail, they are always watching. What the hell are they thinking ? At chow hall time, they monitor like hawks. That’s how they get caught with the extra food they try to hide. I just laugh to myself sometimes. These women think they are so sly and smart. But you know what ? I guess we all thought we were smart and sly at one time. Hell, we’re all sitting here in jail. Inspection should be interesting this weekend. 
There are 4 phones inside and 1 outside. One of the phones inside is broken. So, we have four phones to share between 56 women. The evenings are hard to get to use the phones. It’s a wait. So, this afternoon, the phone guy comes to fix and check the phones. This is great, we need that 5th phone. Well, when he leaves, we now have 3 working phones now !? So, he was unable to fix the broken phone and ended up breaking a working phone. WTF !?!? He said he would be back. That sucks ! It will be real hard making a phone call tonight. 

My visit was awesome and so amazing yesterday. But, it made me sad today. After dinner I really missed my family. I wish I could see them everyday. They will be back tomorrow night. Something to look forward to. 

When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But, often we look so long at the closed door, that we don’t see the one that has been opened for us. 

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