Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 44 (11/5/14) Can you handle the truth !?

Hump Day, had another great deputy. Very respectful and split the morning and afternoon. Guess what ? We didn’t have any issues or problems again today. Miss Personality was the problem, not this housing unit. I understand, we are criminals (those of us who are sentenced, those who are not sentenced are innocent until proven guilty, uh huh). We are in jail, but we all have demons, we all make mistakes, whether we’re in jail or not, and we are all human beings who should be treated with respect. That’s all I’m asking. I’m not asking for Club Med, I just want to be treated with respect. If I ask politely for a pencil, you don’t need to throw it at me and act like I put you out. It’s your job, you are getting paid. I’m tired of this system labeling us as problems and writing us off. Inmates have to be released at some point, therefore we should focus on rehabilitation, not punishment. This new facility is no longer called Las Colinas Detention Facility. It’s now called Las Colinas Re-Entry Facility. It’s supposed to program and help these women in here rehabilitate and prepare them for re-entry back into the community. Well, I love and support that idea, but that’s not how it works here. There are 16 housing units in this facility that house 864 women. This does not count the SHU or Mental Unit. Of the 16 units and 864 women, 1 unit, 48 women are in “program”. 48 of 864 are getting help and services to re-enter back in to our communities. Does that make any sense ? What about the other 816 women housed here ? Why are they being denied services, programs, and treatment ? There are 4 housings that house 224 women that have access to classes and services. They are not in the re-entry program, but they can benefit from schooling, 12 step program, and anti-theft class. They also have services such as book legacy and have contact visits. Resources are available to them, but the remainder of the women get nothing. We are denied all resources, programs, and services the re-entry facility offers. How is this possible or even legal ? Isn’t this discrimination ? Over 50% of the women here are put on lockdown and offered nothing to help them re-enter their communities and prevent them from returning here. It just sickens me what they are doing here. It’s all a facade. Tell the public their tax dollars are being spent on rehabilitation and re-entry, when actually they’re not. The women in here have committed crimes, they have broken the law, but the majority are non-violent offenders and they are not bad people. They just made bad choices. Everyone deserves a second chance. The past does not define a person’s future. 

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