Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bring on the New Year 2015 (Husband)

There were plenty of good things in 2014 for our Family. I took the time to find them. It’s so easy to remember the dark times. Maybe, because they’re so recent. As 2015 approaches, I’m ready to close the door on 2014. I’m ready to face the new and tough challenges that are ahead. Honestly, some days I can’t even say that. But, I have Friends and Family that will pick me up (emotionally). I have had friends pop up during the tough times that I haven’t heard from in a while and it’s like they were there the whole time. Well, I guess they really were. Recently, our Son had the opportunity to go to 6th grade camp. Well, now-a-days, it’s a huge cost (was free when I went). With my Wife’s income now completely gone, I had to do the hardest thing for me to do. Ask for help. It was agonizing to write that email. But, you know what ? Everyone, and I mean, everyone responded. They were more than happy to help. I was shocked and blown away. They immediately organized and donated for 6th grade camp. I remember texting my Sister in Law last week and telling her it was all paid for. I told her I was shocked. She said “That’s what Families do” . I told her I wasn’t used to that because I had only grown up with my Mom. I didn't know how families would get together and take care of each other like that. It was probably the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed. I kept saying “I can’t thank you enough”, but you know, they didn’t do it for thank you’s. They did it for Family. We are so very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family. I don’t know how we would survive without them. It took all this crazy tragedy to help my Wife realize what an amazing family she has around her. She writes me and tells me that all the time. I am glad she now sees that. Things will be different, but also better for her emotionally when she gets out of incarceration. We will ALL hug more, tell each other we love each other more, hold hands when walking somewhere, and help others we maybe didn’t even notice before. Hope the New Year brings many awesome memories ! 

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