Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 33 (10/25/14) Head Lice....

Hello Saturday. Woke up to another new deputy. Still on this getting out only once a day. We have the afternoon shift. Sort of a bummer, because I missed my call to my sister this morning. But, at least I get to see the sun. 
Another argument broke out across the way in cell 22. I heard the deputy talking to them both and the one girl telling the deputy she’s yelling at people that aren't even there. I don’t know what else was said, but the deputy shut the door and an hour or so later, the older woman was removed. Not sure what’s going to happen or where she’s going to go. But. hopefully, it’s better for her and she gets the treatment she needs. 2 hours after I write this, she’s back. This situation is definitely not over. 
So, we have an inmate in our housing that has head lice. I am freaking out and itching just thinking about it. They have done nothing about it. The girl that shares a room with her, has put in a medical request for her to be treated. She said to the deputy “Do you want to be treating one inmate or an entire housing unit ?” Still, they did nothing. It’s so disgusting and dirty. She needs to be treated, her cellmate needs to be treated, they need to strip that cell and clean the hell out of it and issue all new bedding. Again, I know this is jail, but some basic hygiene is not too much to ask. This afternoon, they tried to get today’s deputy to send her to medical, but she wouldn’t do it either. Then one of the girls decide they would help her since everyone else is avoiding her like the plague. It’s a really fucked up situation all around. She asked the deputy for a pair of gloves and she was told that she was not a licensed doctor. No gloves given and was told she should not be touching her head. She didn’t care. She wanted to help . She’s treated head lice before with her daughter’s hair. So, she takes the girl outside and is checking her head. She confirms she has head lice and is now trying to comb out the eggs the best she can. As she’s doing that, the deputy comes out and tells her “I told you not to be touching her head, now you’re on lockdown”. The girl responded with “Are you serious ?” the deputy said “Yes, I’m dead serious”. She was just trying to help, but I understand medical needs to be doing it. I wonder if they are just going to let it be and not treat her ? I was shocked that this was not taken seriously or treated immediately. No one will sit by or go near the girl with lice. It’s so messed up on so many levels. 

I had my visit tonight with my Husband. Started right on time and got the full 30 minutes.  He was very happy too. He said he gets in there with like 5 minutes to spare to clean the phone. This time someone had jammed gum into the mouthpiece. He used his Clorox wipes to clean it. Anyway ! It was so good to see him. He is my strength and I love him so much. He emails me positive and inspirational quotes. I’ll end the day with one of my favorites:

It is really hard to put pieces back together and make something exactly as it used to be.

But, perhaps, this is your opportunity to take the pieces and create a masterpiece. 

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