Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 43 (11/4/14) "How !? Does she get a key to unlock her cell ?"

What a great day ! Woke up to a new deputy. Miss Personality is gone ! Which is really nice, because our neighbor in cell 25 is back at it again. In the middle of the night and early this morning, she was screaming, yelling, and throwing things out of her cell. She urinated again at the door and smeared messages on her cell door using her soap. So, I am tired due to the disturbances. But, I am happy to have a decent, respectable deputy today. Our deputy split the morning and afternoon with both tiers. It was actually a really nice, quiet, drama-less day. Our deputy took care of the inmate in cell 25. She called mental health services. They talked to her and got her transferred, hopefully to get some help, but usually they just ignore it and leave the problem for the next shift and subject us to chaos. This deputy handled it and never even yelled once today. Everyone listened with no problems or fights. It’s really all about how you treat people. Our deputy today was respectful and everyone was respectful back. She actually let us out of our cells as well, that makes a difference too. When you keep us cooped up and locked up for hours, of course we’re going to be crazy. We have all this pent up energy. We are in our cells too long, pacing like caged animals to get out. When they finally let us out, we are greeted with rudeness and dis-respect. Miss Personality didn’t want us to bother her . If you asked for anything, you got the eye roll, the huff and puff sigh, and if she had to speak, it was with attitude. When she talked to you, it was with no respect and she wonders why she had issues and one problem after another for four days. Look in the mirror, maybe you’re the problem. 

Had my visit with my Daughter today. It was scheduled for 8:45pm. We were in our cells, so I was reading and waiting patiently, but never got called. So, I buzz the deputy and am greeted with a really pissed off “What do you need !?” This deputy does not want you using this box unless it’s a medical emergency. But, how else am I supposed to get my visit ? I tell her I have a visit at 8:45 and is it time ? “It’s past 8:45 and I didn’t know you had a visit. What you’r last name ? Let me check” she replies. Then she comes back with “Ok, you can come log in (Video visit)”. She unlocks my door, it’s 2 minutes to nine. By the time I get logged in, we have 15 minutes left. I wanted to cry my eyes out, but I didn’t. I held it together and made the most of the time we did have. It was short, but it was a good visit. Seeing her for 15 minutes is better than not seeing her at all. This place has no system or procedures for visits. It’s absolutely frustrating ! The problem is they outsourced the traditional visits (non-contact) and use video visits through a company called Securus. They aren’t even scheduled through the jail. You schedule the visit online through Securus and they notify the jail and staff. This is where the problem lies. But, the staff here does not give a shit because it’s not their problem. My Daughter went to complain and they told her it was the inmates responsibility to get to the visit on time. My Daughter replied “How ?! Does she get a key to unlock her own cell !?” Are they being serious ? If it was up to me and it was my responsibility, I would be on time, There would never be a problem. My Daughter demanded another visit. They couldn’t do that, but took her name and number and the supervisor would call her. The supervisor called her back the same night. This time, she was told it was the inmates responsibility to notify the deputy of a visit to insure the inmate was on time for the visit. That's great and all in theory, but again, I am locked in a cell with no way to talk to the deputy, except for the call box that’s supposed to be used for medical emergencies only. Most deputies get pissed off if you use it for anything except emergencies. I have no access to a clock and what about shift change ? You can’t even remind the deputy or tell her of the visit if you never get to see her. Until it’s too late. The real issue, is that all visits are done between dayroom hours only. So, they are assuming we are all out of our cells and we need to insure we are on time. What they don’t realize is, not all deputies have the dayroom open for the full time and that we don’t get the full 3 hours. We have to split the time between the tiers. I can’t win in this situation, it’s a lose / lose for me. So, I am just going to have to use the emergency box as my responsibility according to them. We will see how this turns out. 

It’s election day, don’t get to vote, but my Dad sent me some political humor, which was hilarious. 

Humor is indispensable to the sanity of the oppressed and in giving them the will and strength to endure and fight on. 

By the way, my Daughter got another visit. My Husband say she's tough and smart like me. Well, hopefully smarter. 

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