Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 32 (10/24/14) "Faithfully"

It’s Friday, I have court today. Lucky for me, the top tier got the AM shift today so I got to read the paper, take a shower, and call my Husband before getting picked up for court. I was looking forward to getting out of here. Well, at least for 2-3 hours. The deputy came and got me at 9am, along with 5 other girls. We were taken to a holding cell where we had lunch and waited for the bus. Once the bus arrived, we came out, got handcuffed together, and got on the bus. We got to listen to the radio on the ride. It’s the first time I got to hear music in 32 days. Sure was a nice change of scenery, even though we were in a rolling jail. Darkened windows with bars across the windows. 
As we merged onto Highway 94 to head downtown, the song my Husband and I danced to at our wedding came on. “Faithfully” by Journey. It made me smile and feel happy. Just to hear that song and think of my Husband made me feel this new inner strength. I felt hope and knew everything was going to be ok. 
Once we get to the courthouse, they file us all in and there is now eight of us in the holding cell. I get called out to go upstairs, where I am put in another holding cell. This time by myself. It’s 11am. I did my “cell” exercises and sat around, then tried to sleep.  Then they brought me a second lunch. I just ate the carrots out of it. I did feel guilty, I left a lot of the food. Being in here makes me think of all the people that need help. 

At 1:35pm, they came and got me out of the cell and headed to the courtroom. I am in there for 40 minutes watching and listening to all the proceedings. Then I get called. They set a new date. My lawyer was out of town, so I didn’t even get to talk to her. It was almost such a waste, but the trip was better than lockdown. After court, the bus was just about back to the courthouse, so they took me outside. I sat on a bench until the bus arrived, got back on and headed back. Once we got back to Las Colinas, they removed the chains, patted us down, and we walked back to our housing units. The sun felt amazing on the walk back. I got back to my housing unit at 3:30pm. I went back to my cell and waited for dinner. The deputy called me down. We got sweatshirts and an extra blanket ! Thank goodness. I have been freezing every night. They crank the air conditioning every night. It gets so cold. I bet I sleep much better tonight. I’ll finally be warm. 

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