Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 31 (10/23/14) Mental Illness, General Population

It’s Thursday, chocolate cake tonight ! I finally got my book and I have a video visit with my daughter tonight ! That’s as good as it gets and I am thankful ! 
Another new deputy today. Back to being out only one time during the day. Top tier got the afternoon shift, at least I get to see the sun today. The little things in my life. 

During dayroom today, two girls, one being my bunkie, got into a fight over the tv. My bunkmate got the deputy to change the channel. No one had a problem with it, except one. Everyone was down with some “Maury” and “You are NOT the father” haha. But, this one girl had a fit. She didn’t want to watch this “drama” and my bunkmate and her started arguing, Then the deputy was yelling about lockdown. I thought we all had to go to lockdown and I was going to be so upset, all over a petty fight. Especially after the deputy changed the channel back. The girl got her way and but wouldn’t let it go. She kept running her mouth. My bunkmate got up and started heading to her own cell. She stopped, but then they kept squawking about it and started threatening to fight. The deputy got up and locked both of their asses down. Because my roommate was heading upstairs, she was told she wouldn’t get a write up. But, the other girl got written up and a ticket to a new housing unit. Hard to believe there is another housing unit worse than this one. But, I guess she’ll find out. 
The drama was non-stop today. During evening dayroom, the deputy on duty clearly stated no talking to the inmates on the bottom tier. So, everyone stayed clear of the bottom tier. There is an older lady here that suffers from mental illness and is very lonely and desperate for friends. Because she’s not all there and does strange things, most people stay away from her. Of course the bottom tier preys on her weakness. They talk to her and get her to pass notes. The deputy of course sees her doing this and yells at her and sends her to lockdown. It’s messed up, because she did break the rules, but she’s not all there and so desperate for anyone to talk to her. She’s completely taken advantage of. I’m not sure jail is the right place for her. I would say a mental health facility would definitely be better.

I had my visit with my Daughter tonight. It was awesome and so good to see her. I only get two 30 minute video visits a week. I cherish those 60 minutes so much and I have had problems in the past with the deputies forgetting or getting me late for my visits. So, I am always on top of the time and reminding them. Tonight, I knew it was getting close to 8:45pm and I buzzed the deputy. I said “I wanted to check the time because..” and before I could finish, she cuts me off and says “Don’t worry about the time !” I proceed to finish my sentence “I have a visit at 8:45 and don’t want to miss it”. She checks and buzzes me back with her bitch attitude “You have 3 minutes”, then let’s me out. It’s past 8:45, by 3 minutes. That deputy made me wait, even though it was time for my visit. So, by the time I logged on with my Daughter, we only had 26 minutes left. That deputy was such a bitch. I have to hound her, I don’t care, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t even had my visit at all. I understand, I am in jail and all, but some of these deputy’s just don’t care and are mean on purpose. It pisses me off, because they’re hurting my family. My kids more than me. Leaving them sitting there, waiting and worrying. It’s just unnecessary. We are human beings and your badge does not give you the right to treat people poorly. I am nothing but respectful, I deserve the same. Well, at least my visit with my Daughter was awesome. I love her so much. 

After lights out, I am lying in bed ready to fall asleep, when I hear all this yelling and banging going on. So, of course I get up to check it out. It’s across the way in cell 22. Same lady that has mental illness thinks she has seen a ghost and is trying to cast a spell and communicate with the ghost. Well, that really upset her cellmate. So, her cellmate starts screaming and yelling at her. The cellmate was purposely making a scene to try and get the deputies to respond and remove the woman. The deputies showed up, pulled the woman out of the cell, wrote her up, and then put her back in the same cell. Welcome to Las Colinas. Inmates with mental illness need to be in a treatment facility with trained professionals. Not in jail with “regular” inmates who take advantage of them, or are afraid of them. Not with deputies that treat them like they are problem inmates. The deputies are not trained to work with these types of inmates. That’s why they handle them the way they do. A lot of the deputies ignore the issues and problems and that’s when it ends up escalating to an out of control situation. As it did when the girl who was licking the concrete. The deputy ignored it and told the girl she had to wait for her appointment with the psychiatrist, when she clearly needed immediate assistance. A girl was choked by an inmate that is waiting to go to Paton, the state mental institution. So, she has been declared “insane” by the state. But, she’s in jail, not segregated. She is in this housing. All they did was have the girl that got attacked move downstairs to a new cell. That same inmate started hitting a girl over a piece of cake. They both got write ups and the girl that was attacked got moved to a new housing unit. So, this inmate has attacked two people and is still mixed in with the rest of us. She clearly has mental issues. How can you just mix these people in with the general population ? They are just asking for trouble. 

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