Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 40 (11/1/14) She took a swing at the Deputy..

It’s officially November. Each day is hard, but each day is also one day closer to going home. I try not to focus on counting the days. I’ll save that for the very end. 
We had inspection this morning, so up at 6:30am. Our deputy isn’t the friendliest, she acts very irritated with all of us. At least one of the friendlier deputy’s is helping her. The same deputy that looked into getting me transferred out of this housing unit. So, that’s good.
We are getting new socks today. Getting two pair of small socks. I think the facility is tired of giving out the long socks and all the women not wearing their blues properly. The bottom tier is done with inspection. Now, it’s the top tier. The 5 cells on my side, 24-28 are done. We are waiting on the last few cells to be inspected. I always stand at my window and watch. I always like to see what’s happening. Cell 20 has two new inmates, both on lockdown. One has a 2 day lockdown, the other has a 12 day lockdown. The deputies are inspecting cells 19 and 20. Instead of sitting down in the chairs like you’re supposed to, one of the girls is standing and inching towards the bag of extras and starts looking in the bag. The nice deputy tells her to get away and sit down. She stops, but goes right back to the bag. The deputy walks up to her and tells her to get away from the bag and sit down. The inmate starts mouthing off and gets into the deputy’s face and says “Please sit down, we’re not dogs !” The deputy yells “No, you sit down ! “ The inmate refused again. That was it. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back”. She resisted and started struggling with the deputy. The inmate swung at the deputy, but not sure if she made contact with the deputy. Then she goes for the deputy’s hair. They struggle. The other deputy runs out and they tackle her to the ground. She’s still fighting them. A corporal and another deputy come out. They finally get the girls down and handcuff her twice. There are now eight deputies and they get the chains. Chain her up and get her out of there. We are all ordered to our bunks and out of our cell windows. I am thinking to myself “You dumb bitch, you just got us lockdown all day. Your dumbass can’t sit in a chair for 2 minutes !?” I am really frustrated and want the hell out of this wacko unit !! So, that situation is over. 
We have a new deputy take over our unit, inspection is over. They are wrapping up the argument / fight that happened earlier. Next door, the two girls on lockdown are not getting along . They were yelling at each other over the deputy’s call box. We have a button that calls the deputy for an emergency. But, most of these women don’t get that concept and use it for stupid stuff. Like calling and asking what time is it. But, the one girl hits the button and is screaming and cussing at her roommate. The deputy is almost off shift and is not happy. She yells for them to shut up and get off her box. They don’t stop at first, but finally shut up. The smart thing to do, would have talked to the deputy and asked to be moved. They do it all the time. They would rather do that, than deal with this BS. Anyway, the deputy left them in there, so guess what ? They go at it again. The same girl hits the emergency button again and starts screaming. The nice deputy comes upstairs to see what’s going on. She tells the girl to calm down and sit on her bed. She refuses and continues to be hysterical. So, the other deputy comes up, they open the door, and handcuff her. They take her downstairs while they do inspection. So when the fight breaks out, she’s still downstairs. They try and put her back in her cell, but that’s not working out as she starts yelling again. So they wait, then have her get her stuff and put it in cell 20, because a new bed just opened up due to the inmate that was just removed. The girl is telling the sergeant that she’s missing her underwear and that her roommate used them to wipe her ass. So, the sergeant goes back, handcuffs the roommate, has her sit outside. He searches the cell and finds nothing. He goes back to cell 20 to talk to the girl. She starts yelling “She took a shit and wiped her ass on everything !” She throws out her sweatshirt, sheet, night gown, and blanket. While she was handcuffed downstairs, her roommate did take a shit and did wipe it on everything. It was disgusting. I guess that was her payback. I’m not sure what kind or how many write ups there will be, but I’m sure at least one of them will be moving housings. This morning was insane. Sure lots of action. But, really, I don’t need “action”. I need to be out of here. I don’t belong in this looney bin. The second I have a chance, I’m speaking to the sergeant personally. I need to be moved to a “normal” unit. I am not a behavioral problem. Surprisingly, after meds, the deputy let us all out, both tiers. We got an hour. 9-10am. She’s on shift with us the rest of the day, so I should be getting out 3 more hours this afternoon. It started out wild and looking like “Lockdown Saturday”, but it turned out not too bad. Our original deputy returned this afternoon. So, we had to split the time. I am just thankful we got out. I hope this deputy isn’t back tomorrow, she’s absolutely miserable. She’s so annoyed to be bothered, you hate to ask her for anything. I hope we have a good evening deputy. I have a visit tonight, it’s my Mom and Daughter. I have not seen my Mom in two months. 

The deputy almost forgot about me again, but we made it. It actually started 30 seconds early. I can’t believe it ! Had a really nice visit tonight. The extra time out of my cell was nice as well. 
Our tier got out at 8:30pm and our deputy gave us a late night, which is an extra hour out. I guess if you pass inspection (entire unit), you get rewarded. So, at 10pm, she let the bottom tier out and extra hour too. It was a nice surprise. 

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