Friday, December 26, 2014

Day 42 (11/3/14) "The Boy..."

It’s Monday morning. I tried so hard to sleep as long as possible, but the time change is not helping. I usually love when the time falls back an hour, but not in here. It’s an extra hour of serving time. Our cell neighbors decided to flush their toilet 8-10 times in a row. The sound is loud and obnoxious. So, it woke me up, I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. So, I was up nice and early. It’s so hard for me to sleep my time away like most of these women in here. I am up from 7am to 10pm everyday trying to pass the time in this cell and of the 15 hours I am awake, I am out 2-4 hours a day. Yesterday, we got 2 hours out of our cell for the entire day. It’s rough, but I am pushing through it. 
We have lots of new faces in this unit and it’s been very annoying. The women act like children, they don’t know how to follow directions, and everything is a production. It’s hard to handle everyday, especially when they risk our dayroom time being taken away with their games. They just don’t care. I can’t wait to get out of this facility ! 
Miss Personality is back again. She’s just one miserable bitch, who doesn’t want to do anything. The girls across the way have been bickering and fighting and it’s escalating. They asked the deputy to move cells, but she doesn’t have time for them and told them to go back to their cells. So, they did, and the screaming match started up again. What is she waiting for, a fight before she does anything ? Miss personality is in a real fine mood today. I hope I can get through this day quickly. 
We had the afternoon shift today. But, didn’t get out but 40 minutes before dinner. The drama in this unit continues. There was a sexual assault on an inmate from another inmate, so the afternoon was spent on the investigation. 

We had a new inmate that arrived last week. She was on the top tier but was moved downstairs because she didn’t get a long with her first two roommates. She had a shaved head so everyone called her and referred to her as the “boy”. Once downstairs, the deputy had to tell the “boy” to put her clothes on out of respect for her roommate. She was in the cell walking around completely naked. She put pants on but was topless. Well, her roommate couldn’t take it anymore. They argued and the “boy” hit her. So, the “boy” got one day lockdown and her cellmate moved cells. On Sunday, they moved a new cellmate in, no issues. The new roommate went home Monday morning. Time for another new roommate. Then for some reason, Miss Personality moved an inmate that has been here a while in the cell with the “boy”. This woman is older. She’s ill with a brain tumor and is really not there mentally. But, she harmless and a sweet lady. Why the deputy moved her in with this problem inmate, I have no idea. While they were in the cell, the “boy” was touching her inappropriately. The woman said something to another inmate and they reported it and the investigation began. The “boy” was finally moved out of this unit. A little late, don’t you think ? Again, being reactive instead of proactive. This place is an absolute nightmare. You have all this chaos and Miss Personality does not care or does anything about it. She’s part of the problem. She hates this housing unit and I have no doubt she thinks we get what we deserve in here. She lumps us all together as horrible human beings that are in jail. So, oh well, don’t bother me, I’m on my iPhone. Today’s incident could have been prevented, but what does this place care ? That right ! They don’t care ! “Don’t come to jail then !” No one deserves to be sexually assaulted ! I don’t care if you are in jail or not ! We are human beings ! 

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