Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 39 (10/31/14) Her Husband refused to pick up the phone..

Happy Halloween ! It’s my first official “holiday” I am missing while being locked up. It’s a little sad and depressing, but I am looking at it as another day closer to going home. I am staying positive and keeping my eye on the prize, which is getting home to my family. 
The night was a quiet one. We made it through without any tirades. But, about an hour after breakfast, our neighbor started up again. The deputy just ignored her for a while, but she wouldn’t stop. So, the deputy came upstairs and asked her to be quiet, because everyone was trying to sleep. Amazingly, it worked and she settled down and we were able to sleep. The crazy thing is she had a new roommate in there with her. I can’t believe someone got stuck in that cell with her. The mental health ward is full so this unit gets the overflow. That is the reason we have to split the tiers, because there is too many “crazies”.  Again, I don’t understand why we don’t have better mental health facilities. We shouldn’t be throwing them in jail like this. They need help and treatment. They spent all this money on this new women’s jail, but no money on building a new facility or a better program to treat these women with mental health issues. They need trained professionals who specialize in handling and dealing with the mentally ill. They need to separate the “regular” inmates from the mentally ill inmates. It’s just not fair to either one of us. These women are an “inconvenience” to society, so the government puts them away. Locking them up is the easiest way to deal with them. It’s so frustrating, I don’t think people realize what is going on and really happening in here. Society just assumes that since you were arrested or convicted, you’re a criminal and a bad person. You’re looked at with judgement and disapproval, when in fact there are different circumstances to each persons story. We don’t look at it or take the time to see and evaluate people on a case by case basis. We just lump everyone together, forget about them, and push them aside as a lost cause. 

After dinner was a little rough for me. I really missed my husband and kids. Some days it gets hard for me and tonight was one of those times. I even made an extra call to my Husband just to hear his voice. Makes me feel a little better. He was having a rough night too. Our kids were out enjoying Halloween and we were both alone. I hope to be home next year for Halloween. I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful man by my side waiting for me. Not everyone is so fortunate. My roommate has been in here for eight months, her Husband has not picked up his phone when she has called. No visits, no emails, and no contact for eight months. He has just written her off. I don’t know if I could make it without my Husband. He is such a big support along with my kids and family. Without them, I don’t know if I could survive. 

But, talking to my Husband lifted my spirits. Then we got mail. I got two emails, one from my Dad, being Halloween jokes, then another amazing and loving email from my Husband. I got a chocolate lovers gift bag from my Sister. She is incredible. Even though I don’t need all the goodies, I loved it ! Shared the chocolate moon pie with my roommate. Can’t wait to eat the Twix bar (my favorite). Ended up having a decent night considering where I am. Thank God for my family. 

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