Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 34 (10/26/14) "My mind starts racing..."

We are up before the sun is up. Time for inspection. It goes quickly and we are done a little after 7am. I am hoping for dayroom time, but no luck. It seems everyone else has gone back to sleep. 
We get out at 8am for an hour. My Husband and Daughter are about to start the Tough Mudder (8:20am start). A grueling, 12 mile obstacle race, in the hills of Temecula, CA. I am thinking of them and wishing I could be there. I know they will do great and I can’t wait to talk to them later today. 
I am glad we get to get out a little this morning and afternoon today. This afternoon I go to make a call and I can’t get through. My phone account is empty. This can’t be, because I had $11 on it last night. I specifically made sure I had enough on there so I could have a full 30 minute call with my family. So, either I spent $80 in phone time the last 8 days or someone has gotten my PIN number and has been using it. I was averaging $50-$60 a week in phone calls, but this weeks increase had seemed very strange. I had already mentioned to my Husband and Sister to see if they could log on to my account and get a transaction history. Today when I was at zero, that was it, I knew something was up. I went and talked to the deputy. She was unable to access the information, but suggested I put in a request to the commissary for the information. So, I immediately put in the request and to the Sergeant on duty to get this investigated. I wanted to know if my information had been compromised. I have been very careful with my PIN, but I am living in a jail with criminals. I was talking to one of my acquaintances, and she said if someone did take my info, they would be getting additional charges. Then she told me to watch my cellmate, because she was using her old roommates phone time while she was in lockdown for two days. I started to get real suspicious, because this did start about a week ago when she was moved into my cell. I mean, she did sell our toilet paper. I will figure this out. I may be quiet and respectful, but don’t take that for weakness ! Phone time is so precious to me. My lifeline to my kids, my Husband, and my family. It’s what gets me through everyday. If I am unable to call my family, they worry and get upset. Hopefully, I / they can get this resolved. 
We got out this evening. I got my phone time resolved ! It ended up being an error. My money was back on my account and I was able to call my family. “The squeaky wheel” ! Then I remembered what my old bunkmate told about your phone time. You can’t put money on your phone account right before you are about to be transferred. So, my mind starts racing. Will I be getting transferred soon ? Maybe this week ? I need to get everything in order and ready to leave just in case. 
We got out an hour and a half this evening. Got out at 8:30pm and I made my phone call to my family. I usually walk laps, but tonight I hung out with two acquaintances. They are two older ladies and both have done time in prison. I get along with them because they don’t get involved in jailhouse drama. According to them “They are too old for that shit”. Due to the phone incident, I want to be prepared for transfer and they don’t mind my questions about prison. It’s really helpful, there is so much stuff to know. It sounds like there is very little lockdown. Nothing compared to county jail. This is a positive, but the negative is there are no phone calls when you go to receiving. But, you get visits, just not contact visits. The ole’ glass plate with phone. But, receiving is 500 miles away from my family. 6 hour drive if you’re lucky. Not sure how that’s going to workout for a 30 minute phone call visit. Hopefully, I can get through receiving quickly and get placed closer to my family so visits will be easier. 

An hour into our evening time, we have to lockdown due to  a medical emergency. I guess a woman on the bottom tier had a seizure. So, we go to lockdown and there are three deputies and a corporal there. They do nothing but stand there and wait. Waiting for medical personnel. Ten minutes later, they show up. I would hate to be in here with a life threatening emergency. The pace they move, you may not make it. I am very fortunate to be in good health. After 30 minutes or so, they finally take her out on a stretcher. Time for night count and lights out. Another week over !

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