Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting ready for the inevitable... (From Husband)

Trying to prepare for the inevitable. The day my Wife is taken at midnight for her 8 hour bus ride to Chowchilla, CA for receiving. Where they decide what prison will be the right fit for her. Low security housing. Will it be the fire camp that she has been praying for ? Or CIW in Riverside CA ? I have even heard of a possibility of Folsom. Yes, that Folsom. When an inmate goes to receiving, they are allowed NO phone calls or contact visits. I have heard you can get a visit through the old glass plate with phone. 20-30 minutes. That’s IF you get your visitation approved. You are allowed to write letters. I love to write to her. It’s almost therapeutic . The down side though is, Chowchilla’s mail is a mere 6-8 weeks behind. She is slated to be there no longer than 4-5 weeks. We will be very fortunate if we hear from her before she is taken. That, will be a rough phone call. I honestly think this will be the hardest part of her incarceration for all of us. She thinks she will leave right before Christmas. Perfect ! But, once she is through this part, it should be much easier for all of us. We can set up longer visits and she’ll finally get a routine. Hell, maybe we will too. 
While in receiving, she’ll have to deal with 7 other personalities in her cell. Knowing my Wife, she can do that. In fact she should do well with it. I will always worry about her. But, she is a very strong woman. When we finally get that phone call that she’s at her “mainstream” home and out of Chowchilla, we will be able to take a deep breath and know that the end should really start coming quicker. At least we hope and pray.  

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