Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014

Our first Christmas apart in 17+ years. Feels like any other day, besides the emptiness. Tough times. Christmas Eve was always “our” time. After the kids went to bed, we would open our presents and spend time with each other. I miss that the most. Now, I’ll lay in bed and think of you and talk to you. Tell you about how the kids are doing and how much I miss you. I know you do the same. We lean on each other for strength when we are down. Even though you are not here, you are here. Make sense ? I do have a few things I am thankful and hopeful for this year. 

I am thankful to have such an awesome supportive family.
I am thankful that even though my Wife is “away” she still finds ways to encourage me.
I am thankful that my kids and I have had a chance to see their Mom face to face before she leaves for receiving.
I am thankful for the two deputies at the visitation that have been kind and helpful to us.
I am thankful for the one clerk behind the bulletproof glass that actually smiled at us as we checked in.
I am thankful for my Wife’s first roommate (Mama J) that comforted her and prayed for her. 
I am thankful for the deputy that realized my Wife was in the wrong housing and made the effort to get her moved, resulting in contact visits. 
I am thankful that my Wife has remained safe in the first phase of her incarceration. 
I am thankful to have learned how the “system” really works.
I am thankful to have met many people that have the same views about reform. 

I am hopeful that when my Wife gets out, WE can make a difference.
I am hopeful that one day WE can show prosecutors that every case is different and the sentences given out are not fixing anything.
I am hopeful that one day there will be actual programs at ALL prisons for inmates with children. Not programs that are just listed on the facility’s website. 
I am hopeful that I can help you build a foundation, so when you get out you can start helping others. 

Never give up. If I can do it, you can do it, if you can do it, I can do it. Rise Above.
Merry Christmas...