Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 54 (11/15/14) "Again, you're not a deputy, you're an inmate"

It’s Saturday, no inspection this morning. In a new housing unit, I’m curious how the inspections are. I would think over in 3F it would be stricter being a behavioral unit, but I don’t think that’s the case. We were in lockdown so much and never left the housing unit, there wasn’t much for us to hide. Inmates had extras, food, and put pads on the vents, but not much else for the past 4 weeks I was there. We got late night for passing inspection, but I feel because of the freedom the “movement” dorms get, they are much stricter and sticklers for the rules. When I arrived last week, there were numerous people on lockdown for failing inspections. I have nothing to worry about because I refuse to risk going back to a lockdown housing unit and losing my contact visits. I keep quiet, don’t cause trouble and follow all the rules. Whether I think the rules are dumb or unnecessary, it doesn’t matter. We are in jail, just follow them and don’t argue about it. Some of these women are just so hard headed, get a clue ! 
We had a corporal on duty today. She was fine all day. No issues, no problems. Then it’s time for dinner. This is where this housing unit is a nightmare. Dinner is mandatory. So, we all have to line up in a straight line and be quiet. Seems like a simple task, but it’s nearly impossible. They have no desire to get in line and they sure the hell don’t know how to stop talking. Kindergartners could do a better job than these women. It’s unbelievable and actually quite pathetic. But, when you don’t care and have no respect for others, this is what happens. The corporal let everyone have it “I have been cool all day. I have not yelled or got on anyone. All I ask is you line up and be quiet, put your hands in your waistbands, walk quietly in a straight line to the chow hall, be quiet in the chow hall, and walk back quietly in a straight line”. Then she informs us she’s back tomorrow for inspection. In can be a quick check in and out of our cells or it can be a search (patted down, put outside your cell, and they destroy your cell). It was up to us, the choice was ours. There was still talking in the back of the line and people were getting pissed. Before we left, I figured no way we’re gonna make it. Then we head out the door to the chow hall. That line was perfectly straight and everyone was quiet the entire walk. I couldn’t believe it. Then we had to wait outside the chow hall before we could go in. Everyone still in line and quiet. It was amazing. Then we hear “Put your hands in your waistbands, turn around and stop talking”. There is always one. Then another deputy comes up and starts yelling at everyone with only a sweatshirt on. She was all over everyone about it yesterday. She told us it’s in the rules and regulations that we are required to wear our blue shirt and blue pants everyday. Sweatshirts are optional, blue shirts are not. It’s an automatic write up if you don’t have your blue shirt on. We started off good, but now it’s not looking so well. We enter the chow hall and everyone gets in line quietly. Then some busy body gets out of line and starts lecturing people in the back of the line. Dumb. What a total idiot. Again, you’re not a deputy, you’re an inmate, not a Mom, not in charge, stay in line and shut the hell up ! These women need to worry about themselves, no one else !  Dinner is just about over and the corporal comes in. She’s just standing, watching us. Everyone notices and is super quiet, but one woman, so oblivious, she keeps talking and talking. Guess who she’s talking to ? Miss busy body. Everyone is trying to tell them to shut up, but by the time they figure it out, the corporal has walked outside. I can only laugh inside because their stupidity is now comical. Miss busy body was one of the women on lockdown who failed inspection last week. You’d think she would control herself, but she can’t. We are lined up outside to head back and the deputy does a blue shirt check in front of the corporal. Totally busted ! We walk back in again in total silence and perfectly straight I might add. But, I figure it’s too late. Then as we come in, everyone without a blue shirt get pulled aside. They are getting write ups. You lose your visits, commissary, and dayroom time with write ups and you get moved to the lockdown housing units. I have been there it’s no joke to me. These women don’t take it seriously. They need to have like a 3 day, 5 day, or 7 day punishment. Send them to 3F and they’ll all take it seriously. They don’t realize how good they have it, until it’s too late and they lose it all. 

I still don’t have a roommate, but I’m ok with it. I prefer it actually. Because, the majority of the women in here don’t care about anything. With no roommate, you don’t have to worry about someone else breaking the rules. Classification needs to check and re-adjust their housing units. There were more disciplined and behaved inmates like myself in 3F then there are in 3D. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of behavioral inmates in 3F, but some of these women in 3D belong in 3F. Tomorrows inspection should be interesting, Will we be sleeping in or up bright and early ? 


  1. You are better of without a room mate, less bitching?. Even though you have? to, bitch, to get a cell to yourself. Its a nightmare being in there, my boy is in doing a very long .
    He is 28 been inside for 4 years now. He has another 18 atleast before parole. I am in Scotland UK,. Goodluck and keep your chin up and dont let the system win or get you down :)

  2. Thank you Karen for the motivating words !