Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A husbands perspective 2

I hear it in her voice. I hear the pain and sadness. I hear the remorse and I wonder when is the punishment going to fit the crime ? Lots of tears lately from my Wife. Is 22 hours a day in a cell the right punishment for a first time, non-violent white collar crime ? Seriously ? That's one hour more than some inmates on death row. Clearly being housed with the mentally ill. Depression and schizophrenia running rampant.
You have an inmate that clearly wants to work in the prison. Laundry, kitchen, cleaning. Whatever. Why not let her ? Hard to understand.
I truly believe, if you cage human beings long enough, they will become aggressive, depressed, hopeless. I pray for my Wife. I pray for her to find the strength. I just emailed this to her:

When you are down, be brave. Rise above. Be sad, but don't be weak. Be a warrior. Cry, but don't let it turn into a river to drown in. Know your Husband is here and will never leave your side. I have the strength of 10 men when it comes to protecting you. You are my life. My everything. 

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