Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 5 / Part One (9/27/14)

It's Saturday today and I get a visit from my boys tonight ! My Husband and Son are coming at 7pm and I can't wait. I told myself the goal today was to be positive, try and be happy, and not cry today. I received a lot of letters today. From my Husband, Daughter, two from my Dad, and my lawyer. It was nice to have so much to read. I am so thankful for my family. I love them so much and will cherish the love, support, and strength they have given me. It's sad it took this tragedy in my life for me to realize what I had with my family, But, better late than never, I lost my way, went down the wrong path, and made a mistake that landed me here.I felt alone, dealt with it alone, and struggled alone. But, come to realize, my family was here the entire time with no judgement, just unconditional love. I just didn't know it or thought I deserved it. Not only did I have my immediate family, but my entire brother- in -laws family was there as well. I am very blessed and thankful everyday that I have something to go back to after I do my time.
I wish I had more to do to pass the time instead of just wasting away the hours we could be doing productive things with our time. Giving back to the community. We could be putting in hard work. Just seems the system could use some improvement. We waste a lot of the tax payers money in here. Especially when you take people that have jobs and are paying taxes and put them in jail or prison. They can be punished while still working. They can pay taxes and contribute to society. It sure would cost less and we could put the money towards schools, higher education, health care, etc. It cost an average of $62,000 a year for each inmate. It seems ridiculous to spend this kind of money on non-violent, first time offenders, people who need treatment for mental health, and or drugs and alcohol .
People who have broken the law, but you wouldn't be afraid of to be their neighbor. They should not be crowding our jails and prisons. I'm sure there is a better way to save the tax payers money, contribute and give back to our communities,

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