Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 18 Part 2 (10/10/14) Once a drug addict...

Well, my roommate is back. The private time is over. It wasn’t long enough. She was facing 4 years and ended up going to a program and getting out of here. I guess the information I wrote up for her attorney really helped. She said she’s here until the end of the month. Then she’s off to “Choices” in Vista, CA. Their program is 100% better than being in this place. She is very lucy, hopefully she will do well in the program and get her life back together. You never know, the choice and opportunity is hers. I hope she takes and makes the most out of it. 
We are in facility lockdown. So, the entire facility is on lockdown right now. We don’t know why or for how long. It started right after lunch. The bottom tier had lunch in their cells and didn’t get any dayroom time. So thankful I got up and out this morning. Bottom tier did get to shower, but it was two cells at a time. Shower, back to lockdown. Then dinner rolled around, same thing, dinner in our cells, total lockdown. I asked the deputy if get to get out this evening and she said she did not know. Just depends if they release the facility lockdown. Again, we have no clue why we are on “full” lockdown. Sometimes I think it’s just a way to punish or show us who’s in charge. A cruel mental punishment. It boarders on abusive to me. I am not asking to roam the yard, just can I get out of my cell for more than 2 hours in day ? Well, I sure hope they release the lockdown. If not, I can survive, but I am praying we are not on lockdown tomorrow. It’s my Son's birthday. If I don’t get my call or my visit, I will be devastated. Hope this ends soon. 

Lockdown did end. We got out between 9-10pm. So, I was able to talk to my family. It was so nice. My roommate really irritated me. She got mad I was sweeping. Well, we have inspection tomorrow. She may not care, but I do. So I didn’t care if she was mad. All she does is sleep, lay around, and beg for food. It’s super annoying. Plus, she has no intention of getting clean. She’s looking for the quickest program so she can hit the streets again. It made me really angry when I heard her talking about it. You can’t help people unless they want help themselves. She’s a prime example. She doesn’t want help. I am upset, because I helped her with her lawyer / case, wrote her inmate requests for programs, wrote her Son and landlord for her, and got her a shower and new bedding. Along with a towel and a new clean uniform (I have to admit the last one was selfish and for me. She smelled bad and it really smelled the cell up). Then she turns around and has no intention of getting any help (she will be back here) and gets an attitude with me because I follow the rules. I refuse to get a write up or lockdown because of a strung out drug addict. So, deal with it or go find a new cell to move into. 
Time for bed. Thankful another day has passed. 

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