Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why ?

This machine. This no emotion video unit, is my only face to face communication with my Wife. Again, White collar, non-violent, first time criminal. This is what we go through 1-2 times a week. Complete with 3 second delay so they can monitor what you say. Enjoy your 30 minute visit. Well, 30 minutes is what you are supposed to get. My calculations say that your "video connection" starts late 70% of the time. That doesn't mean you get your 30 minutes as soon as it connects. Oh no. The clock starts precisely when your visit is supposed to be. So, you usually lose the valuable time you've been waiting for every visit. Of course, unless, you turn into the "squeaky wheel" or "thorn", which we DO. Once the time has gone past the 5 minute mark, we usually will go to the "clerks" at the check in and complain. One clerk out of the three is usually very helpful. The others, just let them doze back to sleep.  
My Wife will be strong when she talks to the Kids. But, when I speak to her one on one, you can see the sadness and depression pretty clear. Very hard to see and hear. She has lost a lot of weight so far. Even has lost a whole size in her "blues". The "Lockdown" diet as she calls it. You are so helpless. You can't get close to her and help. You can't give her a hug. She has been trying desperately to get her housing unit changed. But, no luck. She is in "transfer mode" NO CONTACT VISITS. Well, that makes a lot of sense. Not even for her children. I do not understand how that would hurt anything. What it is hurting, is her children. It is devastating to them. But, honestly, the Department of Corrections does not care about that. She is inmate 14755*** and is on lockdown 20-22 hours a day. 
She is not inmate 14755*** to us. She is Mom and Wife to us. We hope being treated like a caged animal, she stays Mom and Wife. 

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