Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1 (9/23/14)

I was sentenced today. I was strong, but it was very hard to say goodbye to my family. Especially my husband of 16 years this November and my children. My Daughter is 18 and my Son is 11 years old. They are my world. We are always together. This is going to be a rough road.
It was a long day. Day one always is. The booking process is not fast at all. I left the court house at 4pm, arrived at the jail and finished pre-booking by 5:30pm. Now the waiting game begins. The jail was just recently updated. It's now open booking instead of sitting in tiny cells throughout the process. It's a giant open room with chairs and a tv. The open booking process is much easier, nicer and can handle the volume much better than before (I spent a weekend at this jail when I was originally arrested for this crime back in 2013). I took full advantage of the free phone calls and talked with my family. I called my Sister and got to talk to my best friend (My Husband) twice. It was comforting to hear their voices and let them know I was ok.
8.5 hours later, at 2am, I got called to get dressed out in my blues and off to housing. By the time I was in my bunk, it was 3am. I was up again at 4am for breakfast.


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your prison experience. Please stay strong. I can only imagine how horrible it must be. It seems like people make one mistake and they're sentenced to a decade in prison these days. What crime were you convicted of? I was just curious.

  2. Grand Theft. I did break the law, but I sure could be re-paying my debt to society by working outside of prison. Thank you for your comments. Please share my story.

  3. But the prison wouldn't make any money off you if you repaid your debt to society any other way