Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 17 / Part One A whole new world..and roommate (10/9/14)

I am back to cell 27. Same cell and bed that I started in. I volunteered to move, because I feel more comfortable on the top tier. There is less drama and fighting up here then on the lower tier. It’s also much quieter. It’s a gamble, because even though my last roommate heard voices and talked to them, she was harmless.  I felt comfortable with the routine I had going. But, you have to take chances in life, so I took one. Just to try to get off this tier. Woke up early, did my cell exercises, got washed up, and wrote letters to my family. I moved cells. 

My new bunkmate slept most of the morning. She finally woke up. She doesn’t suffer from metal illness, so that was a plus. But, she is a strung out drug addict. She does meth and crack. She is in here for theft and burglary charges. I’m sure to support her habit. She goes back to court next week. She seems nice, we talked. I gave her the rundown on this housing unit. She said “I heard this was a behavioral unit. Why are you in here ?” I chuckled and said “You know, I keep asking myself that same question. I am a first time offender and don’t cause any trouble. I am trying to get out of this housing unit”. I hope one day it happens. As I talked to my new roommate, she informed me that she was HIV positive. Well, I was a little shocked and taken back. But, I thanked her for honest up front with me. I knew coming here there would be a risk. I know how it’s transmitted, so I will be overly cautious and should be fine. She said lots of people get freaked out about it. I am sure they do, but I know I can’t get it sleeping in the same room as her. I am actually more concerned that she takes a shower today. Not to be mean, but she smells like a wet dog. Sleeping and sweating all the poison out of your body has a nasty smell. Other than that, I have no complaints about her. She taught me how to play spades today. Playing cards with someone was very enjoyable and a nice change. After lunch we played another hand. Before she took her nap, she opened up to me, it was really nice. She said “You seem like a real good person, someone who is really strong, and had a good upbringing. Lots of support on the outside. Don’t let this place bring you down. Don’t fall for the people out there. You don’t need friends here. Don’t take this place home with you.This place will take people like you and change them to a life of crime and drugs. You seem strong and hopefully that won’t happen to you. Don’t let it”. I told her that I wouldn’t and always remember what my lawyer told me “You don’t make friends in there, you make acquaintances”. She laughed and said “That’s true” ! I don’t need new friends, especially the ones in here. I don’t have much in common and have no intention on ever coming back. So, I keep to myself and stay clear of any trouble. I like it that way.

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