Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 10 (10/2/14)

Breakfast in our cells this morning. Don't know why. But, I hope it doesn't mean a whole day of lockdown. Usually, I go back to sleep after breakfast, but today, I couldn't. I was missing my Husband and kids. The anxiety of possibly being in our cells all day got to me. My mind was racing and I could not go back to sleep. I tried counting, but it didn't work at all. My mind was still racing. I did eventually fall back asleep.
We had the same deputy as yesterday, so, we get to split the time again. It's going to be a great day !
The girl next door in cell 28 gets to go home today. The deputy was waiting on her and she didn't want to leave. She woke her up an hour ago so she could get ready and pack. But, she didn't get ready. The deputy came over and said "It's time to go, let's go". She replied "I'm not ready, I'll stay another day". The deputy told her no and that if she didn't get moving, she was going to have to handcuff her and take her out of here. So, she reluctantly packed and said "I don't want to go. Where am I going go ?" I wanted to trade places with her. She can stay and I will go home. It was surprising, because I thought everyone wanted the hell out of this place. It's sad, she was a nice girl, a little crazy, but a free spirit. She was never mean to anyone and always had a smile. It's just not right when this is the place you want to be. Unfortunately, the odds are she'll be back. But, I hope she doesn't return. I wish her the best and hope to help women like her one day. Because no one, should ever want to stay here.
Enjoying the day room this morning. Watching Animal Planet. It's nice and quiet today. A lot of people are at court or got to go home today. So, it was peaceful and enjoyable for once. One of the new girls was enjoying the sun by the windows upstairs. When she headed downstairs, she passed out and collapses down the stairs to the floor. Everyone jumped up to get the deputies' attention. She was out cold. The deputy went to assist her and called medical. We were back in lockdown.
I finished my book today. It was amazing. An absolute wonderful story. A great read. I can't wait to tell my friend. She will love it. I will have to suggest it for the book club.
I didn't run out of tears, I got a little sad. I think my book was an escape and it made me happy. Now that it's done, I was thrown back into reality. So, I am a little depressed, missing my Husband and kids so much. I need the time to pass faster. I just want to move on past all this. I hope I get a new book soon and thankfully get to see my family tomorrow.
I go to sleep tonight, thankful another day has passed.

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